Additional Services

Supervised Access.

A court may order that access and contact be supervised usually when there is a
perceived or potential risk to the child.
When parents separate, access visits with children may be a problem.

At times there may
be fears and anxieties about these visits, with visitation becoming a ‘flash’ point.
In these situations, the Court may order Access be supervised by an approved individual,
usually appointed by the court or legal teams with agreement, to ensure the children’s needs are being met emotionally and physically.

It is important to note here that the risk maybe a perceived risk, and at times supervised
access protects the children (who are the main priority) but also the parent (mother/father) against whom the allegation has been made. It also offers a recommendation role on how to be more effective as parents.
Depending on the order of the Court supervised access may be a constant or may reduce over a period of time.

Supervised access may seem unnatural and uncomfortable as parents feel they are being ‘watched’ this is the case, but it is also important for parents to realize that supervision may also be supportive and a learning tool that empowers parents to be as good as they can be.

Family Support/Parenting Support

As a family support worker I am qualified and trained to work with vulnerable children and
families. Changes made within the home, within daily routines and relationships will have
long lasting and positive changes for the family.

Family support includes specific services tailor made to each family. Family Support
involves supporting parents with positive behaviour management techniques, linking
parents with supports they may need for mental health issues, addiction issues etc. Also
linking children with resources within the communities where children are enabled to
reach their full potential.

Services to each family are individualised and tailor made to meet the needs of each
family and each individual in the family system.

I work with parents also to introduce new routines, boundaries and structures within the
two homes after parental separation, to ensure the children are secure in what is
expected of them in their two homes.
The aim of this work is twofold,

1. To ensure children feel a sense of security
2. To reduce conflict between parents, thus reducing stress on the children


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