Counselling and Psychotherapy

What is it, and Why?

We believe at that it is rare that when a relationship
breaks down it falls apart evenly. Usually one participant has ‘left’ the relationship
before the other.

The ‘left’ party may need some support in coming to terms with this.
As previously stated there are no pre-defined outcomes here and there is also the
option of relationship counselling and family counselling should this path be chosen.

Counselling is a type of talking therapy that allows a person to talk about their problems
and feelings in a confidential and dependable environment. Psychotherapy is the use of
psychological methods, particularly when based on regular personal interaction, to help a
person change and overcome problems in desired ways.

Psychotherapy aims to improve an
individual's well-being and mental health, to resolve or mitigate troublesome behaviours,
beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, and to improve relationships and social skills.

A counsellor/Psychotherapist is trained to listen with empathy (by putting themselves in
your shoes). They can help you deal with any negative thoughts and feelings you may be
experiencing as a result of the breakdown in the relationship.

How Counselling/Psychotherapy can help


Counselling and psychotherapy aim to help clients deal with, and overcome issues that are
causing emotional pain or making them feel uncomfortable.

It provides an emotionally safe and regular space for you to talk and explore difficult
feelings. The counsellor is there to support you and respect your views. They won't usually
give advice, but will help you find your own insights into and understanding of your
problems. Counselling has a simple goal of making clients better. There are ways to
complicate this, but this is the basic idea of counselling. With this in mind, counselling
needs to have a structure in which there is a beginning, middle and end.

Individual counselling/psychotherapy is focused on the individual's urgent or near future
concerns. Individual counselling in this case helps the client look at the grief, hurt anger,
denial after the breakdown of a relationship, or in the transitional phase of such.
Individual counselling is a one-on-one discussion between the counsellor and the client.

The two form an alliance, relationship or bond that enables trust and personal growth for
the client.

Relationship counselling is the process of counselling the clients within a relationship in
an effort to recognize, and to better manage or reconcile, troublesome differences and
repeating patterns of stress upon the relationship. The relationship involved may be
between members of a family or a couple.

Family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that works with families and couples in
intimate relationships to nurture change and development. It tends to view change in
terms of the systems of interaction between family members. It emphasizes family
relationships as an important factor in psychological health.


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