Legal and Collaborative Practice has a number of individual family law solicitors and
collaborative law solicitors. This involves instead of the process being solicitor centred it
is client centred.

Family law operates at all areas of the family mediation process. The Divorce Act contains
provisions that encourage solicitors to recommend mediation to their clients.
Separation Agreements- A negotiated separation agreement will record the fact that the
marriage has broken down, and that the parties have agreed to live apart from each other.
It will then record the terms of separation. The parties, together with their solicitors will
be the author of the agreement.

Separation agreements generally cover the following:

• Guardianship and custody of children
• Maintenance
• Property
• Succession
• Pension
• Taxation


Divorce agreements also address the above but when couples divorce this allows remarriage ability.
At all stages throughout the mediation process participants are encouraged to take the mediated agreements to their solicitors to ensure that all legal remedies are adhered to.

If a mediated agreement is successfully executed the agreement can be taken to the uncontested separation/divorce lists and these lists are significantly shorter and less
emotionally and financially expensive than contested separations and divorces.


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